How our knowledge changes life.

The Medical College of Wisconsin is where a diverse group of thought leaders in science, medicine, education and community engagement work together to build a healthier future. At the core of everything we do is academic medicine, a model—and a way of thinking—that finds scientists, physicians and students working hand-in-hand with community to solve the toughest challenges in health and society at large. Every study, every case and every patient we see brings new learning, progress and innovation to build on and pass along to the next generation—creating a continuous cycle of life-changing knowledge.


At MCW, scientists lead the way to biomedical advancements through research in laboratories, through clinical trials, in the community and with collaborators across the globe. Our researchers, who generate thousands of new studies every year, are the source of knowledge that feeds the entire MCW system, a source that drives major breakthroughs in health, education and treatment.

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Patient Care

If you choose an MCW physician, you have chosen someone who is pioneering new treatments, inspiring and educating the next generation of doctors and contributing to groundbreaking research. You’re seeing a physician backed by a team of leading scientists and thinkers. When you see an MCW doctor, you can trust they’re at the top of their field, helping rewrite the stories of people everywhere.

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Improving the health of our community is at the heart of everything we do at MCW. Our teams work in collaboration with organizations across Wisconsin to engage members of the community to address the most pressing issues like healthcare access and equity, mental health, cancer disparities and rising automobile injuries.

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In academic medicine, our students learn from the individuals who practice what they teach. Our faculty is not only responsible for ensuring that every bit of knowledge is passed on to the next generation of physicians, pharmacists, scientists and healthcare professionals, but also making sure that MCW’s innovative thinking finds its way into journals, publications, lectures and, ultimately, hospitals and communities everywhere.

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